Supply Chain Coordination

Gain visibility and transparency, maintain flexibility.

Working with multiple freight forwarders and carriers offers obvious benefits, but it does have its drawbacks: fragmented data and a lack of uniform standards makes seeing the big picture and comparing "apples-to-apples" nearly impossible.

Using our 4PLx approach allows you to keep your forwarders but unifies your shipments into one single platform. Plan, book, and track your shipments all in our cloud platform, which we connect to your existing stakeholders. Improve your efficiency and performance by analyzing your data on a global basis.

Keep your partners

Simplify your interactions.

Our platform offers a single interface for your interactions with freight forwarders and carriers, putting you in total control while bringing your shipment data into a unified format.

Data quality and constistency are constant issues, with inconsistent standards, formats, and varying degrees of credibility. We take the guesswork out of it by connecting directly via API, EDI or other methods with your existing supply chain partners, turning messy excel tables and missing data into useful information.

Simply knowing isn't enough, though, so we've built our system with operations in mind. Use our intuitive freight forwarding software to plan, book, and ship through your existing partners.


Global Viewpoint

Leverage a whole new perspective.

Benchmark and improve your supply chain, both internally and externally. With more of your partners and shipment data gathered into a single platform and format, you break down barriers that prevent in-depth analysis.

Comparing on-time performance, price, responsiveness and more on a global basis becomes possible, without adding complication to your daily work. Soon you'll be drawing financial, operational, and environmental insights that add value across your company, and not just in your departmental P&L.