Logistics Disruption in the making...

Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Management as you have never experienced it before. Manage your whole transport chain online in one single place.

No need for in-transparent freight forwarders...

No need for expensive transport management software...

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What we do

We call it Supply Chain Management as a Service

Plan Transports

Procure and manage all your freight rates. Get prices and quotations instantly.

Book Transports

Place booking orders online and let our artificial intelligence coordinate your shipment by communicating automatically to carriers, truckers and customs.

Monitor Transports

Make your Supply Chain a transparent event- and data driven one by using the deepest BI you have experienced so far.

Just lay back, focus on your core business. We will call you, if your action is required.

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Who we are

We are no self-claimed "serial entrepreneurs". We know our business as we have been in this game for ages.

No VC fuel in here.

Hence, no fancy shiny marketing campaigns.

Instead, we focus on what we are good at: crafting excellent logistics solutions for our customers.

Logward started out as an idea in late 2017. Being backed by one of the most respected freight forwarders in the market, the Leschaco Group, we gathered the best software engineers we know from around the world. Since April 2018 a fully international team is retrieving one single goal: build great software to change logistics.

You will see the results in summer 2019 – or, if you can't wait, sign up as an early adopter and participate the journey!