We believe our customers should spend more time thinking about the why and what of their businesses, and less time worrying about the how and when.

Few companies see their supply chain as a value driver or competitive advantage. Instead it is regarded as a place for tight budgets, outdated technology, and archaic thinking.

What could supply chain leaders achieve if they weren't stuck in the day-to-day of finding transports, filling out paperwork, or wrangling messy data? They could be strategic leaders, helping decide where and what to produce, solving product quality issues, accessing new consumer markets, and heading sustainability efforts.

Our vision is a future where supply chain departments lead the transformation, instead of simply transporting it.



Build great software. We use cutting edge technology to deliver an intuitive interface, fast performace, and next level experience. Our technolgoy team comes from a variety of industries but believes in, constant learning and improvement. Even though we're excited by the potential of machine learning, blockchain, and more, we also believe in using what makes sense.

Move a lot of containers. Global freight forwarding is in our DNA. We argue with each other over which ships have the highest capacities and take photos almost everytime we pass the Hamburg port. We take handling cargo seriously, and obsess over getting "ship" done.

Change mindsets. We know freight forwarding and supply chain aren't sexy industries, but we're ready to tell the world otherwise. Within each and every company is a department that could and should be leading their organization into the future.

Our Story

Where we came from, and where we're going.

Logward is a corporate venture of Leschaco, a Bremen based freight forwarder with 140 years of proud history.

Don't get us wrong. This is not just another "digitalization" initiative from a traditional player looking for a few headlines. Several people, including Jonas Krumland and the Leschaco management board, took a hard look inward and recognized that even though Leschaco continues to deliver world-class service and expertise, the world, and the industry were changing faster than they were. In order to continue as an industry leader and deliver the same customer experience, Leschaco decided to push itself to innovate and improve by investing in people, technology, and opportunity.

This meant both investing in Leschaco's internal teams and systems, and creating an external environment.

Logward launched in 2018 as an independent company, able to pursue our own vision and product development path while being able to reach out for industry expertise and feedback as needed. Going forward, Logward will continue independently but both the team at Leschaco and Logward are constantly looking for ways to support each other as we pursue our vision.